I created Sparrow For Everyone with you in mind. The belief that simplicity can be the foundation for healing is the guts of my company. I make amazing-smelling natural products for discerning people who care about what they put on their precious skin.


When I started studying essential oils and developing my own recipes, I had already been an accomplished hairstylist for over 12 years and was running an acclaimed salon in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago with my business partner. My “field research” as a stylist and entrepreneur, combined with the insights earned when I became a new mother, helped me to formulate my first product. Why would I use or recommend a product that I wouldn’t allow near my baby?


True Essential Oil is versatility defined. It’s gender-neutral, balances any complexion, and doesn’t contain any perfumes or creepy toxins—the types of things that are technically allowed in cosmetics but that shouldn’t be absorbed through anyone’s skin!


Ecologically ethical decisions are important to me. I volunteer with The Green Explorers Club, an organization that teaches children about sustainability, to nurture environmental concern in the next generation. S4E is also a member of the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics, which campaigns for change in the regulation of cosmetic ingredients. From my lab to my shipping department, I sweat the details and creating waste is minimized. I’ve also trained myself to think of polar icecaps melting every time I almost leave a room with a light on, and I bring that sense of immediacy to Sparrow For Everyone!


Thanks for your interest!


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